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Mobile car valeting is a hugely efficient way of getting your car cleaned and maintained. Book to your house, office or even golf club.

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Mobile Valeting & Detailing

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Mobile Car Valeting Services

Valeters today are highly skilled professionals who take pride in their work and their abilities to not only clean your car to exceptional standards, but also take care to protect the vehicle during the service by using the best techniques and products. Before getting a quote for a car valeting service, you may want to take a look at what the valet or detailer may do to your vehicle, anywhere, anytime as a mobile valet service.

Snow Foam/Shampoo

A favourite with valets worldwide, snow foam products lift dirt from the surface of the vehicle, making cleaning easier and prevent paint damage through scrubbing at the dirt like an old school car wash.

2 Bucket Clean

The two bucket process does what it says on the tin and is used to prevent contamination during cleaning, which can cause those dreaded swirls in your paintwork. Top valets know their stuff.

Microfibre Drying Towel

These brilliant products have seen the shammy leathers of old fall by the wayside with their amazing properties making them essential to car valeters and detailers. Microfibre cloths are not expensive and can be used as part of your own DIY cleaning activities.

Pre Wax Cleaner

It’s like a spa day for your car. Pre wax treatments ensure that old applications of wax and sealants are removed so that newer, more effective solutions can be applied.

Wax/Glass Coat

The expensive bit. When using top of the range products, your paint can be effectively protected against minor damage from dirt, whilst making future maintenance details quicker and easier to carry out. A tough layer of wax or even ceramic, sits between your valuable paintwork and the grime of the roads.

Polish Exhaust Tips

Most exhausts you see day to day are blackened and filthy in exhaust residue, but they don’t have to be like that. Speak to your mobile car valet about how they can be cleaned and protected to keep them looking sharp for longer periods of time.

Alloy Wheel Clean

Alloy wheel services are extremely popular now, mostly down to the fact many of us do not take much care of them over the life of the car. Detailers and valeters are always looking to keep wheels looking better for longer, not just between cleans but for the long term. Protection & alloy sealants can be applied just like it can on your paintwork.

Plastic/Tyre Dressing

The finishing touch to any car clean or valet service is the treatment of the tyres, bringing the deep black colour back to the rubber and giving that brand new tyre look. Again most products will help maintain the look for longer and make future tyre cleaning easier and more effective.

DIY Car Valeting

Even though you want the professional mobile valeters on the job, you likely enjoy cleaning your own car and think of yourself as a ‘weekend valeter’ so that you get that special time with your pride and joy on a weekly basis. We have extensive resources, created by the professionals, to help you get more involved.

Mobile Car Valeting Price Calculator

Getting instant price estimates for a valet to come to you is not easy online, with many jobs requiring custom quotations based on your location, service requirements, vehicle and vehicle condition. We have built a computer program to help customers get what they need quicker, before booking with local car valeters.

Price Estimate

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As an alternative to our valeting price calculator, we also have one of the biggest automotive directories in the world, giving you the chance to browse local mobile car valeters and find the right one for you.

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